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We’re a residential construction company that specializes in custom homes and basement finishes. Partner with Home Solutions for your next project to ensure it gets completed on time and on budget!

A Residential Contractor For Your Next Custom Home or Basement Finish

Custom Home Construction

Tired of the constant updates, replacements, and complaints about your current house? Design and build your own brand new custom home! Home Solutions is proud to work with Sioux Falls’ most knowledgeable companies such as product vendors, sub-contractors, suppliers, designers, architects, draftsmen, realtors, and more.

Basement Finishes

Finishing your basement gives you a much larger home and increases your home’s value! Home Solutions is Sioux Falls’ leading expert for basement finishes. We specialize in matching your existing finishes. We have credit accounts with more vendors, suppliers, and distributers than anyone else in Sioux Falls. This allows us to match the products that you have upstairs.

High Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in the projects we build and love to show them off.

Take a look at our professional work on Custom Homes, Basement Finishes and more.

We Guarantee a Better Experience with Home Solutions!

Free Estimates

Each specific job is a little bit different. That’s why we put together itemized estimates that get you a comprehensive cost breakdown of everything we’re doing. We customize our estimates so that you’re not overcharged for any service. We show you exactly what our profit will be. We do not hide it or bury it in an extremely vague estimate that nobody understands. Get started with a team that cares about giving you budget-minded, upfront solutions!

Experts in Residential Work

We strictly do residential work, no commercial work. That means that we’ve got expertise specifically in residential new construction and basement finishes. It also means that we are not going to start your project and then leave midway through for a larger commercial project. This is all we do!

Quality Solutions

We pride ourselves on performing the best quality work. If your project requires subcontractors, we work with only the highest-rated, most professional expert tradesmen in the Sioux Falls area. When you work with us you won’t have to worry about who we are bringing into your home or what kind of work you’re going to get from them.

Budget-Minded Solutions

We help guide you in picking materials based on your budget such as fixture, cabinetry, windows, flooring, etc. Every homeowner has a different budget, which is why we offer low-cost options as well as luxury options. We specialize in matching the right products to the right budget.

What Sets Home Solutions Apart

Here are some of the most common issues out there and how we avoid them. First, delaying the project and blaming the subcontractors for it. Second, settling for poor craftsmanship from subcontractors. Third, telling clients they have to hire someone else for this or for that. At Home Solutions, you will receive project management and customer service from a team that’s different from the rest.

  • Expert Coordination
  • Supervised Projects
  • Qualified SubContractors
  • Active HBA Member

Expert Coordination

We’re experts at coordinating and scheduling all of our subcontractors. We schedule our projects in advance. We don’t ask subcontractors to show up in two days with no warning. We develop a schedule on paper for the entire project from start to finish. Then we get hard-confirmations from every person on the schedule. Afterward, we send this schedule to every single person involved. Every person/company knows exactly who is going to be there and when. We don’t try to cram subcontractors together to save a few bucks. We actually schedule in excess days from the start, just in case anybody gets behind schedule. Then it doesn’t change the overall schedule!

Supervised Projects

Supervision of the project from start to finish ensures quality control and code enforcement. At Home Solutions, we supervise our contractors throughout the entire project. That way we know that you’re getting quality work that truly implements expert craftsmanship.

Qualified SubContractors

When you hire Home Solutions, you are getting access to every trade you need for your project with one phone call. We partner with subcontractors who can assist with every aspect of your home remodel or home build. Here’s how it works, you hire us, then we hire Sioux Falls’ very best drywall experts, flooring installers, designers, painters, mechanical contractors, electricians, plumbers, engineers, surveyors, and more! When you partner with our team you are partnering with the best companies in the building industry that Sioux Falls has to offer.

Active HBA Member

Home Solutions is an active and dedicated member of the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire. We sit on the Remodelers Council as well as the WorkForce Development Committee. We proudly exchange knowledge and experiences with hundreds of other HBA members throughout our community.

Your Home Done the Right Way With Home Solutions LLC

Don’t waste the time and money starting a project and having to switch contractors halfway through because the team wasn’t up to the job. Instead, partner with a crew that will get your home build done right the first time. When you work with the team at Home Solutions, you know that you’re receiving quality work that leaves nothing to be desired.

Get started creating the home of your dreams by working with the team at Home Solutions. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll get to work building your custom home! We look forward to working with you!